Album Review : No Pen Theory

Dallas Rap Artist Rakim Al-Jabbaar has created another wave of sound to Hip Hop southern states. His latest project “No Pen Theory” has 14 tracks full of different sounds. As a Dallas rapper, his sound is not compared to some Texas artists. He has his own persona throughout each track. He evens spit bars, which creates lyrical content. Rakim is also the son of a Dallas Legend named Big AL of Nemesis. His work is a theme where each title of tracks has a storyline. Rakim paints a picture throughout “No Pen Theory”. Track #1, Kundalini Genie, gives you a strong initial Rap flow and beat. The sound is purer rap today. “God Bless Texas” is a homage to the Texas culture as Rakim gives his story as a Dallas native. “All I Need” has a relaxed beat that flows well with the lines and content the artist brings to the song. With his featured female artist, they both played a dope part as they show talents, lyrically. Overall, his presence is based on awareness, common sense, and knowledge. He plays with different sources of music and still brings real hip hop to the table. Certainly Texas’ culture plays a huge role in this project. This was a good listen and recommend if you are looking forward to hearing a southern sound.

Top Mc in Dallas,tx

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