Album Review : Kill Bill vol. 1 By : @AsianDaDoll

For all the bad bitches out there get ready for this one! Quentin Tarantino you might even have to take a seat and hear this. Asian Doll dropped her new album called KILL BILL VOL. 1 today on 8.8.17. There is a 100 reasons why you need to check this out. For all of you who don't know this 20 year old Female Rap artist, she is growing popularity from all over the country.

From Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia as well as Texas. she's has established a social media presence, earning more than 300,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Twitter followers. Before the fame she dropped an EP called Rise of Barbie Doll Gang in December of 2015. One of her latest songs that came out in early july called Chapter 1. It's one of my favorites so far, as she talks about and how she has to be her own role model. I'm really curious on this new album! and why ? Cause she named it after one of the most famous movies out there. Lets get with it the New album has 13 tracks on it. Now 'Mama�?? has to be the song that mostly got my attention. The lyrics talk about hard times and how the support of her mom got her to where she is now. Now that�??s what I�??m talking about! thats something we can all vibe too. You can tell she put so much heart and soul into this, I love that girl power! Now lets go from the good to the ugly. The track �??Rich Nigga�?? Ft. Coco Vango, I gotta say was my least favorite out of the whole album. I feel like people want something more out of this song. People don�??t wanna hear you talking about designer clothes, money, gucci etc . It ain't about the money I feel like people have had enough of that type of style , but thats just me.

Overall girl this is great! Asian Doll you go girl! The fact that you went from nothing to something and just believed in yourself is just amazing. This chick is already topping the charts in her first day.You can buy her album on iTunes for the low or check her out on YouTube as well. Check this bad bitch out on the link below.

Asian Doll


Photos By : J Phil Productions

Write up by : Gabriela Guerrero of The Dead Vibes

For all the bad bitches out there get ready for this one!

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