Artist Spotlight : @G7cecret

Meet this fellow right here. He goes by G7Cecret from Fort Worth, Texas. He is a local recording artist, designer, creative director and a cinematographer. "Not Impressed" ( @ cashmoneyAP) , is one of his latest song that came out last month. The beat was good but chill with that "burrrr" sound. The lyrics were good, now a days it's hard to be impressed by some people. He is just a young man singing it out on the real. You guys have to check out, "Army of Two" (Tsukuyomi) ft. Crit Morris came out two years ago and it's probably my favorite song that he has done. I like the hyped beat and how it can quickly get an audience jumping. Keep doing your thing & make it happen. check out his exclusive interview on

Check out this DFW triple threat

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