Javoe Rôkour

Click Here To Read My FULL Auto-Biography. I got my start in Brooklyn NY, I lived there for a year and a half first living in ENY to eventually moving near the Park Slope area. At first I was living in the “pink houses” projects with my friends who made music. My job was helping them with songwriting, music development and brand-building; and at the time we were known as the “Cash Addicts” and I was DJ Javoe. We eventually dropped a mixtape that featured the first artist I ever worked with, entitled “Hottest Coming Out The Bricks”. A 100% self made mixtape from our team from the lyrics to the beats, studio and recording. Once H.C.O.B released, the tape began to blow up instantly. In just the first few weeks the mixtape started catching a lot of attention gaining over 100,000+ plays. We were getting a lot of love around Brooklyn which lead to bigger opportunities, bigger events and bigger connections. It was at that point I knew I wanted to manage and market artists professionally and sell music rather than put it out for free. ​ Once blue check mark verifications became a thing I was determined to learn how I could offer that as a service to my artists. I started reaching out to individuals across the web for information trying to expand my knowledge and education of online marketing and PR. Through doing this I ended up meeting a young successful entrepreneur out of NYC who had the experience I was looking for in a mentor capacity. (I was 18/19) and finally had a person to answer all my questions about business, marketing and PR. At the time this was the biggest move of my career, this guy had it all.. a great big following, verification, businesses, a Manhattan office and all the connections a man would ever need to be successful in the industry. From the moment we met it all just clicked, I was going to be his apprentice he was going to be my mentor and all I had to do was deliver whatever was needed to get the current job we were doing done. I was able to meet all kinds of people through this job, we verified famous wrestlers, worked with international fashion designers, went to exclusive parties and met movers and shakers of the industry. The work I was doing was all micro-managed by my mentor nothing was going to jeopardize the image or quality of his brand or businesses. I made a lot of mistakes at first but eventually it taught me to be virtually perfect with all my online communication and presentation of the companies I was representing. Eventually down the line even with my dedication to perfection it wasn’t good enough for my mentor and we split ways. Fortunate for me though I learned years of information, communication and hands on business education. This lead me to have a desire to do my own thing and run my own business and companies. Ready to travel and to take my career further I created my very own showcase series called the Rôkour Tour in the beginning of 2016. Out of all the cities in America it always seemed Houston, TX would provide me with the biggest support across all my social platforms..(now up until my first showcase I never set foot in Houston before) however I knew that if capitalized on my marketing and promotion skills I would be able to throw a decent show out there. The date was set January 31st, 2016. The show was bigger and better than I could’ve ever imagined, all the sections were filled, the venue was beautiful and I even had Princess Of Da Trill (Bun B daughter) as my DJ and an A&R from Universal Records come as one of the special guest judges. This was a huge move not only for me but for the entire city of Houston. The night of my show I got cool with the “The Trill Team” a full team that consisted of some of the best upcoming artists, producers and managers outta Houston (most of which were related to Bun B himself). I ended up moving in with the Trill Team and helped build their artists. This taught me a lot about the ground work, handing out cd’s putting up posters and consistently throwing our own shows. Eventually we landed a small distribution deal for one of our artists with Rap-A-Lot records. This perpetuated my connections, my artist and my respect in the Houston music scene. ​ ​Once leaving Houston I returned to my hometown in NY where I started working with an artist by the name of “Black&White”. Having all the past knowledge from New York City and Houston it wasn’t to long after we started working together we were able to get him over 20,000+ followers on Facebook, his page verified, paying shows, HQ music videos and a lot more.This lead to a lot of opportunities including working with a label owned by my very good friend Mak Duelz called Nomadz Rekkidz. This was a huge move for us because Duelz label was established and he was used to traveling and doing big projects. There’s not a lot of outlets in upstate New York for Hip-Hop music so working with Nomadz Rekkidz was truly a blessing for us. After shooting multiple music videos, performing at multiple shows and getting lots of exposure in upstate NY, the owner of the label made the decision to move the team to Atlanta. This consisted of Duelz, Black&White, myself and another artist by the name of Winna. Winna is a talented dedicated artist from our hometown with the drive of success, this brought an excellent balance to our team. With two managers and two artists we set off for Atlanta in September of 2016 and ending up moving to the outskirts of Atlanta in the town of Stone Mountain (25 mins from downtown ATL). With the infrastructure in place it was time to get busy. From the moment we got the crib our feet never touched the ground. Experiencing all the opportunities Atlanta offered young artists was our only focus. We did all the showcases, hit all the clubs and did what anyone trying to break in a new city with minor music industry experience would do. Although making a lot of moves that we felt were the right moves at the time the feeling of being stagnant ultimately took over both artists and they ended up moving back to our hometown. Myself on the other hand was determined, focused and ready to become successful in Atlanta. I ultimately stayed at the crib alone grinding exploring Atlanta every chance I had and networking until I eventually found another artist from Atlanta to work with. With SXSW 2017 right around the corner it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and take my new artist to one of the most effective networking events in the country and start some traction. SXSW was a hit! I was able to experience a lot of the major stages due to some of the bigger connections I recently made in Atlanta and that allowed me to analyze what artists were doing at the top level. VIP, and major stage and backstage accessibility at 21 at one of the worlds biggest music festivals was incredible. After SXSW was over my artist and I retreated back to Houston to follow up with some of my friends and old roommates to put some work in. Finally back in Atlanta I was back focused and eager to learn more. At this time I was doing tons of artists consultations and music evaluations. This led me to meet some incredible people and open more doors for me in Atlanta. One of the individuals who bought a consultation from me was none other than the owner of Organic Music Marketing TM. Upon doing my research of who he was I was STUNNED to find out how much work he’s put in and major projects he’s helped create. Amazed at why he would pay me for information I learned he was impressed by my grind and ability to sell music services online and connect with such a large amount of people so aggressively. This led me to getting a job as a marketing consultant at Organic Music Marketing which I still do to this day. With all the success I was experiencing September was quickly arriving and our lease was going to be up. This posed an issue for sometime due to the fact I had no credit or family in Atlanta to stay with. For an extended period of time I went homeless, sleeping in my car and washing up at friends houses. Always determined though nothing would separate me from my goal of becoming successful in the A. This forced me to start building my credit and my funds up to become self sufficient and live up to the greatness that was all around me. This took about 2 years of everyday struggling and dedication NO DAYS OFF. Although struggling internally, work and connections could not of been any better. Day after day I would meet more effective people, do bigger campaigns and sharpen my skills as a manager and marketer. While working with my current artist at the time we were finally breaking him to millions of streams, we got him verified on Instagram and a distribution deal. Although reaching feats and effectively marketing my act the lack of trust between us ultimately became our downfall and we faded apart. With a new clear horizon and tons of personal potential I finally worked up enough credit and enough money to secure a new car, a beautiful apartment with a skyline view in the heart of Atlanta and a stable foundation for me to continue reaching my goals. Upon going to the studio one day I came across my current mentor Prophet a music industry veteran who’s been progressing the culture for almost 30 years. Humbled by the connection I asked him if I could be his assistant in the future. After contemplating for a moment he picked a meet up spot, we discussed there and finally dialed in. Prophet’s team 50Fty Management is a professional and lucrative artist management team that works with major artists and producers such as Layton Greene, Asian Doll and GStylesOnTheTrack just to name a few. Solidified with my new assistant role, major artists to work with and the incredible marketing team I was ready to dive into my new endeavors. This leads to now, I currently am passionately marketing artists from major to indie level working closely with my mentors acts and working towards becoming a better me on the daily. I’m excited to see what else is in store for me in these coming years, I’m the living proof of what hard work & dedication can amount to.