Ian Carter

I'm a non-profit Outreach organization founder with a record label publishing since 2016 independently I am a three artist roster with a catalog to date 760works of Me myself and I here's the sauce as follows for every single record Lead vocals: Autotune Specialist Engineered and mixed by: DJ Da West Written by: Ian Carter Copyrights & Published by: Ian Carter #THIS IS 4 STREAMS OF INCOME# Now let me break down my top 3 paying vendor's #1 YouTube paying 3ways -YouTube free -YouTube premium subscription -YouTube music #2 BMI paying 2ways -100% of songwriter -100% of composer #3 Spotify paying 4ways -Spotify free -Spotify Spotify premium -Spotify student -Spotify family Apple music Pandora Harry Fox agency Music reports Song trust Tunecore Distro kid Song trader ASCAP