Podcast Editing and Production

Get help with any aspect of podcast editing and production, be it the basic audio editing, audio mixing, adding intro music and ads to your episodes or upload and publish to host sites. Services:  * Podcast Editing: Remove silences, gaps, and recording errors. * Audio Mixing: Polish tracks to improve sound quality and add intros/outros/ads provided by the client. * Audio Mastering: Normalize volume levels to industry standards. * Noise Reduction and De-Essing: Reduce noise and harsh sibilance. * Echo Reduction: Reduce reverberation present in the audio tracks. Production services: * Virtual Recording Assistance: Tips and tricks to get good recordings. * Upload and Publish to the podcast host. * One-minute audio visualizer/ Promo Video.

2 Revisions
6 days Delivery


1) Basic audio clean-up and editing
2) Mix and master