Video Commercial Production

Our video commercials are designed to be short and effective. We strive to use our skills to produce videos that leave a memorable impression on customers. At FREELABEL, we have a strong passion for making high quality videos. FREELABEL creates video commercials and brand films for businesses and organizations by combining our creative and technical expertise with the unique needs and goals of each client. Our team is skilled at communicating brand message through both words and pictures. Our team of writers, editors, and video production experts craft commercial scripts that educate your viewers. We integrate high quality productions using the latest equipment, including 4K cameras and drone technology. Our state-of-the-art studios create informative fictional stories that focus on your product or service. Our commercials are cost effective to small budget businesses. Book your next commercial today!

2 weeks Delivery


Script Writing
Video Shooting
Post Production Editing
30-60 Second Video Duration