Sun, Jun 30, 2019

It took only 4 months for the future of the smartphone to crash and burn


Over a decade ago, people around the world started shelving their cellphones — with their static screens and limited applications — to embrace smartphones, which offered large touchscreens for watching movies, playing music, and even browsing the web.

We have loved and lived with these rectangular designs for years. But several months ago we got a glimpse of something new, something that seemed to represent the next evolution of the smartphone.

Imagine holding your phone as it is right now but opening it up like a book and revealing a display that was double the size of your outward-facing screen. That's the dream of foldable phones, to be both a phone and a tablet in one form factor. Unlike smartphones, which have singular, fixed displays, foldable phones promise more screen real estate when you need it.

When a handful of the biggest smartphone makers in the world announced their first foldable phones in February, it looked as if the world was ready to welcome a new form factor once again. But it took only a few months and a bunch of upset tech reviewers to postpone that dream for the foreseeable future.

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