Wed, Aug 07, 2019

Apple's new iPhones are expected to launch next month — here are 5 important features we want to see


Every September, Apple fans around the world prepare to wait in line to be among the first to get their hands on the company's latest iPhone. And each year, details about Apple's forthcoming smartphone leak online months ahead of its unveiling.

If the reports and rumors that have surfaced so far turn out to be true, the biggest update to this year's iPhone will be a new triple-lens camera. That third lens will presumably be for capturing photos with a wider field of view than the current iPhone's standard camera, much like the ultra wide camera on the Galaxy S10. And of course, as is typically the case with each new iPhone, the 2019 model will likely have a faster processor as well.

While an improved camera is certainly appreciated, there are several other features we're hoping to see on either this year's iPhone or the 2020 iPhone. Here's a look at some of those capabilities, some of which are already rumored to be in the works.

A Lightning to USB-C charger in the box A fingerprint sensor OLED displays on all new iPhone models, even the less expensive XR Fast charging by default A better low-light camera

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