Fri, Aug 09, 2019

'Euphoria' Creator Breaks Down the Season Finale & What's Next for Season 2

And what happened to Rue.


The season finale of Euphoria may have aired almost a week ago, however fans of the series are still talking about the episode’s major cliffhangers.

To try to clear the air a bit, show creator Sam Levinson sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to bust some myths, share what happened to Rue, and to talk about what’s in store for the second season of the HBO hit series.

Warning: Slight Spoilers Ahead.

The final sequence of the episode saw Rue, as portrayed by Zendaya, moving through her house in what seemed like a surreal dream where her mother and sister couldn’t see her, however her father could. The following shot showcases her propped up by a crowd of dancers each sporting a robe in the same crimson colorway of her dad’s hoodie. The large crowd then begins to dance in synchronicity on the streets and the video ends with Rue climbing a mountain of people and falling through them. Rue’s fall could also symbolize her descent into an overdose, and that she has been dead the entire season; a popular fan theory that has been making the rounds.

In the interview Levinson shares that he loves reading about people’s theories on that final scene, but ensures fans that he “can say for certain” that Rue isn’t dead. “Rue’s not dead, if that’s the question,” Levinson told THR. “I thought it was interesting when I read a piece [about that theory] and loved the piece but I think Rue has a big journey ahead of her, and a tough one.”

As for what he has in store for the upcoming season — which has yet to share an air date — Levinson revealed he has already started writing it and has plans to share a backstory on Fez and Lexi. “His story didn’t belong in season one, it belongs in season two — and that’s something that I knew pretty early on,” he says of Fezco.

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full interview.

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