Wed, Nov 06, 2019

Netflix Ending Support on Certain Samsung TVs and More Next Month


On Tuesday, a Netflix represented announced some Samsung smart TVs will no longer include Netflix support due to “technical limitations.”

“On December 1, Netflix will no longer be supported on a small number of older devices due to technical limitations,” states a Netflix press release. “We’ve notified all impacted members with more information about alternative devices we support so they can keep enjoying Netflix uninterrupted.” Samsung has also made a statement on its website and went on to share owners of the impacted devices will still be able to stream Netflix, they will just have to do so through a supported device, such as gaming console or streaming media player. You can read the notice below.

“Although some of our older TV’s will no longer support Netflix directly beginning December 1, 2019, many other devices you may have connected to your TV are still supported. You can find a list from Netflix at As long as you have one of the supported devices, like a game console, streaming media player, or set-top box, you’ll still be able to watch Netflix on your TV.”

Additionally the first two Roku models and Vizio TVs will also stop supporting Netflix next month, while earlier this year it was reported that Hulu was ending support for many DVD and Blu-ray players, thus changing the streaming landscape.

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