Thu, Nov 14, 2019

Disney+ Signs 10 Million Subscribers on First Day


Disney‘s highly-anticipated streaming service Disney+ has surpassed 10 million subscribers just one day after its launch. The entertainment giant announced the news on November 13, with Disney’s stock rising 3% after the announcement. The company, however, did not reveal the number of free-trial sign-ups and confirmed that it will not be releasing Disney+ subscriber data outside of The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly earnings calls.

With analysts initially projecting 17 to 18 million subscribers within the streaming service’s first year, Disney+’s ability to garner more than half of that estimate is an impressive feat. The Disney+ app also rose to the top of the App Store thanks to an ESPN+ and Hulu bundle, totalling to a whopping 3.2 million downloads across Apple and Android devices.

“It’s impossible to compare, with any insight coming from it, first day downloads of Netflix to that of Disney+,” a report from Apptopia states. “Streaming was not what it is today and mobile is not what it is today, as mobile device penetration and user preferences have shifted in Disney’s favor.”

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