Thu, May 14, 2020

Apple Reveals Biggest Update to Logic Pro X Since Launch

Introducing Live Loops and new sampling plug-ins.


Apple unveiled the biggest update to Logic Pro X since its launch, announcing a professional version of Live Loops, new sampling plug-ins and improvements to a number of its beat-making tools.

The introduction of Live Loops on Mac allows users of Logic Pro X 10.5 to instinctively create numerous arrangements into the timeline. Enhancements to the arrangements can be made using the features of the program, while Remix FX offers additional electronic effects such as Bitcrusher, filter, gater and repeater that can be used in real-time.

For those looking to master the musical art of sampling, Logic’s Sampler is a representation of the famed EXS24 plug-in that producers can use to create and edit multi-sampled instruments. There’s also a much faster method with the Quick Sampler that allows users to select sounds from within the program, Finder, Voice Memos or even a direct voice recording. Once the sample is in the program, it can be trimmed, looped and performed on keyboard controllers.

Logic Pro X 10.5 provides faster methods for hip-hop and electronic producers to create original beats, starting with the brand new Step Sequencer. This editor can program drum beats, basslines and melodic parts, combining the pattern-based style of creation and countless editing. There’s also the Drum Synth feature that includes a variety of kick drums, snares, toms and percussion sounds that can be reworked to a musician’s liking. All these sounds can be used in the Drum Machine Designer that’s been improved to also match with the Quick Sampler plug-in.

Joining the update is Apple’s new Logic Remote, a companion app that can pair iPhones and iPads to a MacBook and allow users to control tools on the program using Multi-Touch. Lastly, Logic Pro X is now optimized to run at its best using the latest MacBook hardware and macOS, minimizing the chances of program crashes when working on big projects.

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