The Studio Interview With @wizkhalifa

“I love to party and I love to smoke weed, but I try to be the best at what I do,” says Wiz Khalifa who stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ to preview his new album ‘Rolling Papers 2.’ Lounging in the Mass Recording Studio, Wiz got to reminiscing about the studio he built with his father in Pittsburgh where his career first began. “This album is as important as my first album,” the Taylor Gang boss said of ‘RP2.’ “I’ve been away for a little while… I bring my own energy to the game. I have influence and inspiration to give and all that. So there’s going to be a lot that buds from this and stems from this album.” (See what he did there?) Wiz also spoke about the track “Blue Hunnids” a collab he recorded with up-and-coming Iron City spitters Hardo and Jimmy Wopo, whose life was tragically cut short after this interview was completed. Check out a very special Studio Interview with Wiz Khalifa right now.

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