@BlackySpeakz - Will YNW Melly End Up Like Tay-K?

Will YNW Melly End Up Like Tay-K? - Now, both YNW Melly and Tay-K are two rappers who in the eyes of many wasted their potential.
Tay-K of course got sentenced to 55 years in prison almost two weeks ago, but the question still stands - what's gonna happen to YNW Melly? Ever since he turned himself in back in February that's the question that's been going through a lot of people's minds. Will YNW Melly end up like Tay-K and have his potential thrown out of the window because of what he did? That's what I talk about.

In this video I talk about whether or not YNW Melly is gonna end up like Tay-K.

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