@CDTVProductions The Decline Of Trap Music

The Decline Of Trap Music:
Hey guys!
Recently I've been noticing that trap music released in the past couple years, specifically albums within the trap subgenre, just haven't been impacting me all that much like they used to. Lil Baby's "My Turn", Future's "High Off Life", NAV's "Good Intentions" etc. These albums are ones that I mostly just listen to and forget, and this is something that's becoming all the more common with recent trap music for me.
I believe that right now we are going through a decline in the quality and longevity of trap albums as a whole, and therefore an overall decline in the sub-genre. But why do I feel this way? And what made trap music so good during its peak? Well, this is CDTVProductions, and watch the video to find out!

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