Dead or Alive EP. 25 - @Teacupp_

Episode 25 is now live with Teacupp - content creator, marketing guru, social media personality and general creative powerhouse. She’s had her ear to the streets for years and every up and coming artist has been aware of her and her influence. Today we take a moment to learn about who influences her! Join us as we discuss her origins and other aspirations she considered before becoming the Teacupp we know and love today. Consider the tea spilled 😂 make sure to like, subscribe, and comment other creatives you’d like to see on the platform!

Intro theme- Dead or Alive by CLEW.
edited by- @marcalano

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Dead or Alive is a bi-weekly series hosted and created by taylor too wavey! I bring on different creatives and have them answer the question: who are 3 people they want to meet, dead or alive, and why? It gives insight into those they look up top and are inspired by.

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