Bighead on Bighead Music, Going Multi-Platinum, Lil Tracy, Lil Peep, Sobriety, NBA Youngboy & more

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Our Generation Music presents an interview with multi-platinum producer, Bighead. Turning a major leaf in terms of his commitment to his sobriety, Bighead details the chaos and demon-inspired madness that ensued during his first experiences with success and fame. Credited as one of the orchestrators vital to the first SoundCloud boom, Bighead speaks on the behind the scenes wildness and creative process fueling the multi-platinum collaborations alongside the likes of Lil Pump, NBA Youngboy, Lil Peep, & lil Tracy. In this newfound awakening, Bighead continues to remain vigilant continuously looking for refreshing ways to keep his drive on music. Bighead speaks on his new endeavors with Bighead Music group and aims to impact the charts once again. Bighead leaves OGM with an inspiring message.

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0:00 Bighead Interview
1:15 Kill big head growth and change over the past few years
1:45 First time meeting Bighead
3:12 The time when Bighead first met with Tracy & Peep
3:47 Doing whatever it takes, taking the Benz to Arizona for shows to being locked in
5:48 Racing Motocross
9:00 Being completely sober today
10:01 Video games - Rocket League
11:00 Dropping out of school, may go back
13:50 Speaking on insecurities
14:00 Picked his poison being the females
15:04 Chaturbate
15:34 Orgy activities on tour
17:38 being in the studio locked in will pay off in the longer run
18:04 The mental health aspects for Bighead
19:50 12 step program - Alcoholic Anonymous
23:33 Day 2 Day on Bighead’s beat making
24:30 working with Pvlace early
25:40 Breaking free of the demon / tweaker mentality
26:11 Castles and castles II - lil Tracy x lil peep
28:30 Gucci Gang - Lil Pump 6x platinum
28:48 Nba Youngboy - Overdose , 3x platinum
30:11 Don’t do percs
31:37 Recently locking in with lil Tracy
33:00 Making beats not as fun as beat making is second nature now
37:30 Pumped on this new underground movement
37:55 Kashdami & others
41:00 Emotions w/ Three Days Grace, Young Thug, Young Booke
43:55 MSI laptop
45:00 Going back on tour, getting good at something takes a certain level of obsession
46:00 Bighead Music group and what he’s looking for in a producer
48:43 Signing artists as well
50:18 Marketing and attention grabbing major to success
51:50 will Bighead ever get married
52:50 potential for a sudden realization that Women can be faithful
53:50 Message for Our Generation