BabySantana talks Antisocial 3, Crying During Squid Game, iCarly, SoFaygo (Interview)

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In this interview, Arshan speaks with BabySantana who burst into the underground earlier this year, taking over SoundCloud with his hit “Antisocial” featuring Slump6s and produced by 13-year-old, Maajins. He’s the youngest guest to be interviewed by KTO and we were psyched to meet up with him during our recent trip to Atlanta. “Antisocial” currently has over 60 million plays across platforms, while his Cole Bennett-directed music video for “14” featuring KA$HDAMI has over 6 million views. His most recent single, “Damon Sharpe”, features KA$HDAMI, DCG Bsavv, and DCG Shun, released on November 11, 2021 and is available on all platforms.
During their conversation, BabySantana talks about being from just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and mentions what he’s been up to recently, like recording and playing videogames with friends. He says he’s been using Discord to meet new people since he first joined the platform in 2017 to connect with people playing Fornite. He discusses whether or not fame prevents young artists from being able to enjoy their childhoods, and talks about his experience being a known rapper in school, saying he’s really just “a normal kid, i’m just me bro”. He talks about struggling to say “no” to some people because he wants to be supportive, as well as how he deals with fake love. BabySantana then lists his favorite childhood shows, including Mickey Mouse, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Wizards of Waverly Place, My Babysitter's A Vampire, and iCarly.
They then segue into talking about Squid Game, and Santana reveals which rapper he would go up against in the “marble game”, picking SoFaygo, while not picking Slump6s or Yung Fazo. He talks about his experience making the music video for “14” as well as advice he received from Cole Bennett: forget the haters, just be you. He mentions getting emotional at Lyrical Lemonade’s SummerSmash because of how important the moment was to him. Arshan asks Santana who would be his dream music video cameo, with Santana listing Fredo Santana or BabyTron (the artists that inspired his name).
BabySantana then explains his favorite between Antisocial and Antisocial 2, and says that if they made a part 3, he would want it to feature Trippie Redd, Cochise, Slump6s, SSGKobe, Ski Mask the Slump God, Yeat, and Ken Carson. They discuss how Santana sees his music evolving as he gets older, saying he wants to keep doing “moshpit rage”-type music.
Arshan asks who is the biggest rapper to BabySantana's generation, and he says Lil Uzi Vert. Santana also describes how he envisions making a track with Drake and what he’d wear in the studio. He talks about being Muslim with Christian parents and fasting during Ramadan with Yung Fazo, before giving advice for kids on the come up: make music to impress yourself instead of others. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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0:00 - Being from Columbus & not Atlanta
2:17 - Missing playing with his friends & losing his childhood
3:32 - Wanting to be treated normal at school
4:27 - Santana cant say no to people
5:28 - Favorite childhood shows, iCarly cussing
6:38 - Squid Game, which rapper would he go up against?
8:10 - Advice from Cole Bennett
9:45 - Dream music video cameo: Fredo Santana & BabyTron
10:24 - Antisocial 3 remix? Who would feature on it
11:45 - Will he evolve his sound right now?
12:14 - Uzi is the GOAT to him
12:52 - Dream Collab w/ Drake
14:18 - Santana gives Arshan fashion advice
15:51 - Being Muslim
17:04 - Advice for kids on the come up

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