Vlog: KTO on No Jumper, Iayze Interview, SsgKobe & KashDami Studio Session, Yung Kayo

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In this vlog, KTO goes to LA to shoot some pretty big interviews we lined up. We started off doing an Adam22 interview at the No Jumper studios, and getting interviewed by HelloYassine. It seemed like that was going to be the pace of how everything goes, getting big looks, but it turns out a lot of the big name interviews ended up getting canceled. Along with that, some of the interviews had to be completely scrapped because of technical issues (DC The Don + more). Arshan talks about one of the interviews going super left, and it making him want to just go back home and take a break from interviewing. Be sure to join the livestream on Monday to hear more about that. Otherwise, some cool interviews still ended up happening like Yung Kayo, Frvrfriday, Beam, Lonewolf, Flatbush Zombies, YvngxChris + studio sessions with ssgkobe, Kashdami, G Ry (producer for Partynextdoor) & meetings with people like Bainz (Young Thug engineer). After not really getting what he was looking for, Arshan took the last minute decision to go to Texas during SXSW in Austin to interview Iayze, HVN, Rich Amiri, and C4lpers. After that, he also went to Atlanta to interview Mexikodro, Thouxanbanfauni, and producer, Turbo. Watch the full vlog to hear the entire story. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver, Canada.

0:00 - KTO goes to LA because of this
2:56 - Big interviews about to happen, linking with the team
3:50 - Doing an Adam22 interview
4:15 - Helloyassine interviewing us
4:45 - Big interviews canceling
5:10 - Frvrfriday, Yvngxchris, DctheDon
5:50 - DCtheDon interview failing
6:30 - A really bad interview….
7:11 - Yung Kayo, Lonewolf, Flatbush Zombies, BEAM, Smiley
8:00 - New clothing drop in LA
8:25 - SSGKobe studio session
9:15 - KashDami studio session
10:02 - Riding around w/ Luxury Tax
11:37 - Being ON the No Jumper show
13:40 - Going from LA to Texas
15:07 - Cl4pers, HVN, Rich Amiri
15:30 - Iayze interview in Houston
16:25 - Tornado in Texas
17:00 - Thouxanbanfauni, Turbo, Mexikodro
18:00 - The main lesson learned

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