4TheFans: LUCKI "2 Neptune N Back" Tour w/ Sid Shyne

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Our Generation Music presents the 4TheFans from LUCKI's 2 Neptune N Back Tour live from the Observatory in Southern California. As Emwell & Sam hit the venue early to capture the energy heading into the Show, The OGM Duo speaks with the avid show attendees as they recollect their favorite LUCKI records and the moments they become die hard LUCKI fans. Stay tuned for more behind the scene coverage with 4TheFans.

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Hosted by: Emwell

Shot by: Sam

Second Camera: Hib

Extra footage provided by: @brickpod

0:00 Lucki 4thefans
0:47 “Options”
0:56 “NASCAR Dashcar”
1:11 Friendships stemming from Being fans of LUCKI
1:26 “Switch Lanes”
1:43 “Sunset” and Tik tok discovery
2:17 Top 3 Lucki songs
3:09 Finding Lucki on SoundCloud
4:00 Sid Shyne taking the stage and backstage
6:20 Brickprod Lucki tour videographer
7:30 Killakam - Lucki’s DJ
9:02 Gifting Lucki the pack - quick comments backstage