MexikoDro on Drake Placement, Plugg, Lancey Foux, Rapping? Pluggnb (Interview)

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In this interview, Arshan speaks with 26-year-old Atlanta-based producer, Mexikodro, who is a legendary figure in underground rap. His first placement was “Plug” by Playboi Carti, Kodak Black, and Rich the Kid, which has almost 40 million plays on SoundCloud alone. Dro also produced “From Florida With Love” off of Drake’s 2020 project, Dark Lane Demo Tapes.
During their conversation, Arhshan and Mexikodro discuss how Dro rarely does interviews, how Atlanta always had its own sound, how popular Gucci Mane was growing up in Atlanta, and he says the “underground legend” title is a blessing. Dro reveals that his first placement was “Plug” by Carti, Kodak, and Rich the Kid, and that he regrets not taking his career more seriously at first. Dro also denies solely creating the “Plugg” genre, giving props to the rest of his production group, BeatPluggz, as well. He says the subgenre “pluggnb” is “fire” and “unique” before revealing that he also raps.
Dro then gives advice on how to avoid burnout as a producer (take breaks) and describes his longest self imposed hiatus from producing (3 months), before describing the “mind-blowing” moment when he realized Drake rapped on his beat for “From Florida With Love”. He also tells the story of when Drake joined his IG live before talking about how he loves the new generation of rap and follows the underground. Dro reveals that he’s working with Bktherula and Matt Ox, and he also listens to Cochise and Lancey Foux. Arshan tells Dro how KA$HDAMI revealed he wanted Dro to produce his next album, as well as how Unotheactivist and Madeintyo have a song named “Mexikodro''. Dro explains how he’s not entirely sure how to use social media to promote himself, before describing what happens in the situation where he doesn’t like the verse a rapper did to his beat. They end their conversation with Dro giving advice to young creatives: cut off anything holding you back, and you have to leave the streetlife to elevate and be successful. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver, Canada.


0:00 – Dro rarely does interviews
0:51 – Thoughts on “underground legend” title?
1:16 – Atlanta music inspiring him (Gucci Mane, Snap music)
2:43 – “Plug” by Carti, Kodak, & Rich the Kid was Dro’s first placement
3:43 – Regretting not taking his career seriously at first
4:37 – Dro denies creating “Plugg” genre, says it was him AND BeatPluggz
5:46 – Thoughts on Pluggnb?
6:16 – Dro also raps
6:36 – Went months without making beats
7:21 – Drake placement story (From Florida with Love)
9:16 – Working w Bktherula, Matt Ox
10:08 – He loves new gen of rap (Cochise, Lancey Foux, KashDami)
11:14 – Not knowing how to use social media much
12:09 – Unotheactivist & Madeintyo named a song “Mexikodro”
12:53 – What happens when he doesn’t like a rapper’s verse on his beat
14:51 – You have to leave the street life to be successful

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