Onlybino! on luv2hat3, Butterfly Doors, Creative Process, Bryson Tiller, Boxfest, & More

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Our Generation Music presents an interview with Jamaican borne, South Florida based artist, Onlybino!. Making a name for himself out the highly competitive underground movement, Onlybino! sets out to genre defy the generalized outlook in the scene by breaking through to the frontlines of music. Speaking on his love for music and the commitment to putting out music he’s proud of, Onlybino! details his fast paced rise and sonic journey as he’s been recording for 3 years. With his most recent release “Luv2hat3”, onlybino! touches on his creative process and the inspiration fueling his artistic fire. Onlybino! Leaves OGM with an empowering message.

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Hosted by: Hakeem



0:00 onlybino! interview
1:50 Born in Jamaica and coming to the US at 6
2:39 Learning English and growing up in South Florida
3:29 Listening to mainly R&B
4:25 Listening to Dancehall with his dad
6:36 Preparation to release his upcoming project
7:48 Creative process around this project
8:00 Recording himself in his room
8:50 Inspired by Travis Scott
9:50 Having a hand in the production as the executive producer
10:25 Making beats from scratch in his sessions
12:00 Wrote his first song ever, now all about punching in - been making music for 3 years
12:50 understanding Onlybino had a Bigger purpose
13:10 Artistically inclined from a young age
13:50 In Da Club and used to breakdance
14:50 Dance contests
16:03 His nickname growing up
16:44 “Luv2hat3” project name
17:34 Comparisons to Sofaygo and the love hate relationship with the underground
18:10 “Butterfly Doors”
20:19 Goal for this project
21:08 The cover art from his show in Boston, as it was his favorite show
22:15 upcoming Boxfest show
22:50 Song selection for Love Hate
24:53 No features on this project
25:50 Making music for himself, and dream collaboration - Bryson Tiller
27:08 Growth since the first project
28:32 Still living in Florida
29:25 Where onlybino! Sees himself 5 years from now
31:56 Message for Our Generation