As soon as I heard that notification go off for SoundCloud stating “Meezy Radio has uploaded new songs” instant clicks. I’ve had Meezy on a couple reads of this magazine, and if you notice. We haven’t posted about him in quite some time, since 2016 to be exact. So you can now understand my urgency with listening to this artist’s new music. He released an EP. 6 songs filled with versatility, sincerity, and even reality at times when he also explains on his song “BLUEFACE”; the grittiness of his disappearance from music. Due to his life on the outside of music dealing with Tacoma, Wa Gang Unit and ATF. He actually has live audio sampling at the end of the song. You hear loud banging on walls and doors. Police yelling and demanding for him to surrender all high powered weapons and exit the house. Knowing me, I’m always a curious George. I did some of my own research online with the Tacoma News Tribune and RapSheets online daily. Well let’s just say I got what I asked for. Meezy got in a shootout on hilltop Tacoma. Apparently a failed drive-by that was meant for Meezy to not react. Ended up leaving Meezy to react. Other suspects gun jammed while trying to shoot Meezy which gave him time to pull out what he had in his car. Which was a high powered rifle known as an at-15 which we all know is only pulled out to handle business. Luckily no one died on scene, 14 .556 rounds, 4 12gauge slugs, and 11 .40 cal rounds all found in the alley way. He was facing 5 years in prison at first. But their wasn’t enough evidence to pin on Meezy, which lead to his release a year later. It’s just very, very intense and you start growing attached to something when you find out there is a back story that ends up being true. And it matches up to the music. This is how it use to be in my days growing up. I’m obviously intrigued with how he’s able to get that emotional rise and fall out of me with only a 6 track project. But that shows for itself. And with that being said, I encourage you to tune in and hop on board now before his breakthrough and you can’t enjoy him to yourself no longer. I definitely threw more than just a couple of Meezy’s songs in my playlists. Let’s just hope he’s here to stay this time. I’m looking forward to his next drops and maybe new music videos. And I wish his career the best of luck.

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