Welcoming All Creators

FREELABEL isn't just about music - it is for all creators. Enjoy custom made solutions whether you are a blogger, influencer, video director, or any other type of creator.


Increased Revenue Stream

FREELABEL is here to help add another stream of income and increase revenue, whether you are an experienced vet or just getting started.


Team Management

Have one centralized profile or connect a multitude of profiles to one account. Stay organized with your team, managers, and other creators with streamlined behind the scenes features.


Fast & Easy Content Management

Easily keep track of all your content from day one. Not only will everything be organized for you, but it will also be organized for your team.


Services Marketplace

Find all the services you need to provide exceptional content. The FREELABEL marketplace is filled with reliable and skilled photographers, graphic designers, videographers, promoters, and much more who specialize in helping artists and creators succeed.


Monetize Your Releases

Monetize your work through multiple options such as releasing exclusive fan content, premium fan funding, and special offers with an Exclusive account. Every artist has their preference and should have options when it comes to getting paid!


Track Sales & Analytics

Stay up to date on the business side with easy analytics tracking and sales reporting. Discover what form of marketing performs best and how to improve in the future.


Upload and Share

Creators shouldn't be limited to one form of content - upload everything from videos, articles, write-ups, playlists, events, and more all in one place. Build influential playlists and collections that showcase your full line of work. Share with your audiences!


Centralized Profiles

Stay organized and secure with one central profile. Consolidate all your content, social networks, and services in one easy-to-share link.

Reach the World

With FREELABEL, you can send your music to every major music service around the globe with industry-leading distribution.