Welcoming All Creators

FREELABEL isn't just about music - it is for all creators. Enjoy custom made solutions whether you are a blogger, influencer, video director, or any other type of creator.

Exclusive Accounts


Dedicated For Creators

Every feature and tool offered at FREELABEL is specifically designed by creators for creators. This means you get a dedicated platform focused on solving your needs.


Increased Revenue Stream

FREELABEL is here to help add another stream of income and increase revenue, whether you are an experienced vet or just getting started.


Multi-Team Management

Stay organized with your team, managers, and other creators with a streamlined behind the scenes features.


Web & Mobile Applications

Stay connected wherever you go with instant access via web or mobile applications.


Fast & Easy Content Management

Easily keep track of all your content from day one. Not only will everything be organized for you, but it will also be organized for your team.


Showcase films or videos; for sale or free. Additionally, Offer your videography services & get booked directly through your profile.

DJs & Curators

Accept music submissions, release playlists, offer services, and process payments through your profile.

How To Earn

Build your team by connecting with other creators. Search for services from producers, designers, photographers, videographers, promoters, accountants, and more through the Services Marketplace.

Reach the World

Send your music to every major music service around the globe with industry-leading distribution.